I can’t remember who wrote this on the last page of my notebook. Was it you??

Stuck in bed with cramps.

kateordie is pretty much my favourite woman alive and she saw a pic of my boyfriend brimping me tonight in front of a Brandon Bird art. If only she knew what art was right next to us.

CC zdarsky and nomoremicrophones

Power between my legs. Wake’n…gently heat.

Personal period stuff

I never had regular periods except when I was on British birth control pills, which have a higher amount of hormones than in Canada. Then, my period always started on Friday at 10am. It was magic. One of the few things I miss about living in England. And apparently the French pill is even stronger and therefore more awesome.

Now, though, my primary sexual partner and I use no birth control (Andrew got a vasectomy after we’d been dating for a few months and decided we wanted to be together and be childfree together), and I use condoms with any other men, so I’m at my body’s mercy. It sucks.

I’ve been in a weird start of my period limbo for nearly three days now. Thanks, me. I feel so upset, irritable, uncomfortable in my own skin. I keep starting to spot and then not actually starting to bleed. Cramps start and then stop. My nipples have been sensitive for a week! This is normal PMS for me the last few years.

And on the subject of nipples! When I was a teenager, I had a pierced nipple. I loved it. I miss it. Every few years I think about getting them done again, but I didn’t get sensitive nipples when I had one pierced. What would it be like now? I bet I wouldn’t be able to wear a shirt a week out of every cycle. Which doesn’t really work for the real world. So, fuck it, I guess.

I know what I may have to look forward to. My mother’s periods got worse and worse her whole adult life. It’s a horrifying story and I won’t go into details here. She, just this PMS, suggested that I remove my uterus. It’s an idea, for sure, but how much would it change me? She lost her sex drive when she got a hysterectomy, and my biggest fear is losing mine.

Okay. Rant over. Thanks for reading, if you did. I’ll be fine. I have a box of red wine!

I call it the Partial English.

Welp, pegging is my new favourite thing.

Double-fisting it. Fuck period cramps.

The Demon Word #100BandNames

Note to self

Heyyy, Madeleine? 

Maybe you shouldn’t chew on an ice cube when you’re suffering from bruxism. 

Feels like I just got punched in the jaw. 

If clashing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

What I’m going to try to get to sleep to tonight.

And so it begins. #100BandNames