Don’t men realize that we see this impatience and assume they’ll be this impatient in the bedroom? What a dink.

I’m really fucking horny and I don’t know what to do about it.

I watched Shakespeare in the park while mauling one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen and then she walked me home then left and my boyfriend is asleep and now I know why teenage boys tell girls they get blue balls.

I want to walk to the beach and sit in the sand and drink tequila. And fuck.

Here’s a shitty pic of the kateordie art I got at this year’s TCAF and only put on my wall yesterday. I am so in love with it.


Holy shit dat ass.

I guess SOMEBODY took a picture of me while I was sleeping this morning and posted it on the Internet!

Reading YA by candlelight in the bath.

I hung out at a donkey sanctuary today.

Pimms in my parents’ downstairs guest bed.

OKC messages.

My parents’ house is so fucking haunted.

Nearly a midnight snack.